Express Assistance

The Help you Need When you Need It

Express Assistance is an individual service customized to your needs.

Life does not come with a Manual. Our Life Management Seminar will change your life. The seminars mix Business/personal skills with your life. What if you do not need that deep life change, just that great Eureka moment? Then the tailored Express Assistance programs are for you. It will be your Eureka alone.

Life does not follow a pattern or rhythm. Individuals often have specific needs and problems that require special guidance. The Help you Need When you Need It.

You may just need a little focus to get you through your immediate situation. Life can be like sport, if you want it to get better get a personal trainer.

In life we lose focus or our way, problems come our way and we do not have the solutions or know how to find a way out. That is where our Express Assistance comes in. There is no waiting for a seminar due date we are just there for you.

If you need the quick fix or a longer approach these are the services you need.

What you need when you want it.

Motivation – the push you need to make that start you want
Confidence – to give you the power to say yes
Assertiveness – standing your ground and take control
Personal Image – if you look the part you are half way there
Speaking in public - Giving that great speech or presentation in public and need it to go well
Time Management – your most precious resource
Stress awareness and management – it is an enemy, learn how to fight it and win
Business start up – mistakes cost more than good advice.
There is another way.

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